Dek Trio

DEK is the initials of Didi Kern, pianist Elisabeth Harnik, and Ken Vandermark, Chicagoan reeds player. The DEK Trio was formed in September 2014. It brings together many backgrounds and influences. Harnik is a composer of new music and free-improviser. He is also a member of the Plasmic, Barcode quartets, and the interdisciplinary Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose project, which is inspired by Gertrude Stein’s work. Kern has worked with alternative Austrian bands as the noise-rock trio BulBul and the genre-defying Broken.Heart.Collector and collaborated in recent years with Mats Gustafsson (check their Eissalon (Live), Rock is Hell Records, 2013); Vandermark charges this trio free-improvised interplay with his diverse experiences, ranging from the intricate minimalism of AMM’s pianist John Tilbury to Afro-beat of late Ethiopian sax player Getatchew Mekurya. from

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