Dél-alföldi Szaxofon Együttes (dél-alföldi Saxophone Ensemble)

In 1992, three young sax players formed the ensemble. They were all born in South-Eastern Hungary and are, in large part, still living there. They actually get their names from the area where they were born. “Del-alfoldi” is a Latin term that means “of Southern Plains”. Although their common ground is not merely a matter geography, it is something they share because the area from which they hail practically borders the Balkans. This is also something you can hear in the music. In 1997, the current personnel was formed. They have a wide repertoire that includes traditional and folk arrangements. Instruments are a key part of their musical repertoire. They have the bagpipe, hit gardon (a percussion instrument that resembles a cello), traditional recorders and the “kortemuzsika”, a Hungarian flute, as well as the unique vocal effect known as tuva singing. The unique compositional ideas of the three saxophonists are just as impressive as the individual ideas in the free parts. It is evident that Gyorgy Szabados and Mihaly Dresch have had a significant influence on their approach. from http://bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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