Danny Janz (vocals), Ken Janz, (vocals), Paul Janz, (vocals), Herb Rempel, (vocals; 1976-1977), Paul Barnard, (bass) Guy Roellinger, (bass: 1978), Rick Shaw (drums and percussion; 1978), Dave McSparran, (drums; replace Shaw 1979), Jacques Emanuel Belzung, (guitars); replaced Virgin 1979). The Janz brothers hail from Calgary, Alberta. While they were involved in opera and church choirs, the brothers also discovered a passion for pop music. Danny and Paul would record together as “Danny And Paul”, later becoming “Wayne Quiring”. Brother Ken continued his spiritual music journey with several early 1970s recordings under the name The Janz Team Singers. They were still torn between classical music and pop music. The three brothers created Deliverance, an English-language sextet with strong vocalists that was Christian-oriented and included additional members of The Janz Team Singers Europe. After winning a songwriting contest, Deliverance moved to Munich, Germany in mid-1970’s. The group would remain together for 10 years and release 4 albums. They also played shows in front of crowds of as many as 10,000 people, including The Scorpions. The band’s biggest hit was “Leaving L.A.” which they released in Europe in 1979. It reached No. The single reached No. 56 on the Billboard Hot 100. They had signed a deal in 1980 with Global Records, who licensed their music to not less than four record labels around the world — Atlantic, Epic and Attic. The band became known as “Janz” after they were hit with legal problems from a copyright lawsuit. They recorded a single that reached #1, but their lawyer advised them that a full-length album was not in their best interests. Paul Janz felt that the European music industry was limiting him. He quit Deliverance with several thousand Deutschmarks of debt and returned to Vancouver to write jingles and be a part of Prism for a short time. The Janz Team, which is run by brothers Ken and Danny Janz, remained in Germany. Danny continues to make music with Danny Plett from Canada. Paul Janz would sign with A

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