Denis Colin

This is a wonderful and humble plea for artistic creation. It is humble and admirable because the author, who was forced to draw a never ending dynamic, has been humbled. My musical trade is oriented towards creation. I don’t want to make any pretenses, nor do I wish to be listed in the dictionary. I just want to experience the music. This means that I have musical elements. Some are part of my daily life for years, while others are new to me. They might also appear in the heat of the moment. Musical elements are a broad term that can be used to describe a wide range of things. They could include a chord, rhythm, sound, instrument or subjective perception. When I was five or six years old, I experienced joy listening to Sydney Bechet. At the same time, I felt terrible sadness as I listened Django Reinhardt. Both were engraved on the 33 LP “2 Giants of Jazz” or another similar title. Music allows me to keep in touch with my music-loving self and all music lovers, musicians or not. Music, its understanding and the mechanisms that make it work fascinates me. My work attempts to unify heterogeneous elements during composition and conception. I’m not sure what kind of music I make. I would love to create music that is soulful, which I consider the mark of good music. My attention is split between the interior or exterior of my life. Music allows me to experience both sides simultaneously. It’s quite a spiritual experience. Denis Colin 1975… My first encounter with Alan Silva. I began playing in the Celestrial Communication Orchestra in 1977. The first recording was made in 1978. 1984… I began a long-term collaboration with Tuchenn street theatre, for whom I wrote 8 musical scores. 1988… Francois Tusques, a pianist invites me to join his trio. Continued collaboration. 1990… Recording of and release of “CLARINETTE BASSSE, SEUL” (series in situ), a solo album for bass clarinet. 1991… The Denis Colin Trio was formed with Didier Petit, a cellist and zarb player Pablo Cueco. For 17 years, the trio has toured without any interruption. The album “TROIS” was released in 1992. In 1994, the trio recorded an original live recording at the French Banlieues Bleues Festival. 1995… Formation of Les Arpenteurs » (the Surveyors in a geographic sense) Bruno Girard and Camel Zekri join the group. 1995… The first soundtrack music to a short film by Florence Miailhe, a French animator. An entire movie is currently in production. Jean Rochard met during recording of the third trio album ‘FLUIDE’. Also present on ‘ETUDE DE TERRAIN (nato), recorded with the quintet Les Arpenteurs, and released in 1999. 1998… I was commissioned by French national radio “Dans les Cordes” (“in the strings”, “within the competence”, or “knockout”), which gave me the chance to create the “Douze’tet (“Twelvetet”), which will perform as a Nonet for a number of years. 2001… Meeting with musicians from Minneapolis, which forms the basis for ”SOMETHING in COMMON’’ released by universal jazz 2002. 2003… My first concert as a guest of the Archie Shepp Quartet. Continue to follow. 2006… Chicago singer Gwen Matthews can be heard singing on “Something in Common”. The trio continues their adventure on “SONGS FOR SWANS” (nato). This group did intensive touring over two years. 2008… The formation of the group, Societe Des Arpenteurs. 2009… The group releases the CD “SUBJECT to CHANGE” (chant de monde/harmonia mundi). from

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