Dennis González

Dennis Gonzalez, also known as Dennis Gonzalez, was born in Abilene Texas. 1954, Abilene (Texas) – Dennis Gonzalez is a jazz musician and poet who lives in Dallas. Gonzalez plays the trumpet (including pocket, B, and pocket trumpets), but he also has experience with drums, flute and synthesizer. Allmusic describes Gonzalez “a talented trumpeter who recorded a string of less-known dates,” and his “playing falls between advanced, hard bop, and free jazz.” Gonzalez had released at least 28 albums as of December 2006. Gonzalez has recorded for Silkheart and Konnex record labels. According to the Penguin Guide to Jazz, Gonzalez’ recordings for Silkheart Records in the 1980s were “part of a determined effort to wrest control back from New York City and the West Coast.” The Penguin Guide also notes that Gonzalez’s greatest achievement was coaxing Charles Brackeen, saxophonist, out of retirement in the late 1980s. By the early 1990s, Gonzalez had “more than ever before… appears to be the heir to Don Cherry.” Gonzalez was also instrumental in Henry Grimes’s return to recording and performing as a double bassist. Gonzalez’ Nile River Suite, Grimes’ November 2003 appearance was the first recording by the bassist in over thirty-five years. Gonzalez, Art Lande and Anthony Braxton suggested that Gonzalez start the Dallas Association for Avant-Garde, Neo Impressionistic Music (or daagnim) in the late 1970s. The AACM was the inspiration for daagnim, which served as both a group of musicians as well as a record label. Gonzalez started working at KERA-FM in Dallas, where he hosted Miles Out, a music program. Gonzalez worked for KERA-FM for 21 years. He left the station after it had changed from music programming to news and talk. Gonzalez stopped performing and recording jazz for several years in the 1990s. He formed the trio Yells at Eels in 2001 with his sons Aaron (double basse) and Stefan (drums, vibraphone). The trio recorded in 2010 with Ariel Pink. They appeared on “Hot Body Rub” from the album Before Today and on the vinyl EP Ariel Pink With added Pizzazz. Wikipedia

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