The Denominators are a relatively young group, and this recording is certainly their first. It is difficult to find more information as neither their CD nor their website contain any useful information. The trio appears to be from New York and its members are from jazz, classical, folk, and other musical traditions. We are also told that they have special references to West Africa, Brazil, and West Africa. It is interesting that although the recording is listed as Free Jazz (modern jazz/freeimprovisation) on various sites, much of it seems to have been through-composed. Ernest Barteldes wrote in an All About Jazz review that the Brooklyn Conservatory concert featured this group. He said: “On stage the group seemed to have been extremely structured. Gentile and Radley were glued to the sheet music throughout the gig. It felt more like a concert of classical music than a jazz concert. Musicians: Michel Gentile (flute), Nate Radley (guitar), Roland Schneider (drums) from

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