Depth Charge

Jonathan Saul Kane, an English DJ and musician, has released material as Depth Charge, The Octagon Man, and many other artists since 1989. He also owns the record labels DC Recordings, and Electron Industries. His pioneering use samples, especially from cult films such as the spaghetti western, martial arts and pornographic, is what makes him famous. He has also created tracks that celebrate his favorite football team (Brazil, on the 1990 single Goal), and player (on 1998’s single Romario). Jonathan Saul Kane is frequently credited with inventing “trip-hop”, and “big beat”. He used kung-fu film samples prior to Wu-Tang Clan. Alexander’s Dark Band and T.E.T are his other aliases. Kane is a fervent Kung-Fu movie lover. He was involved in the establishment of Made in Hong Kong. This company licensed Chinese movies, including those by Shaw Brothers. It also released films from the Heroic Bloodshed category (The Killer, A Moment Of Romance), and Chow Sing Chee (Stephen Chow). Films in the UK VHS release via Wikipedia

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