Det Skandalose Orkester

Although Det Skandalose Orkester has been around since 2011, they sound like chaotic chaos. This is something that only a skilled musician and hours of practice can achieve with the panache displayed on their debut album. According to the band, Frank Zappa is their main inspiration. This is expressed through complete genre confusion, madness and spontaneity, as well as perfect choreography in perfect harmony. Bare Egil Band and Bubble Jacket Bob are key references. A statement like that cannot mean their music isn’t a delightful concoction of fusion-inspired lunacy. No Har De Laget Igjen describes themselves as satirists. This tabloid headline joke translated as “Yet another Scandal!” Sondre Jorgensen, a keyboard player, composed the songs. She has been generous enough to provide me with extensive explanations of the Norwegian lyrics as well as the continuing theme of scandal that has risen from seemingly insignificant beginnings. The three-part Kjenningsmelodien (theme), describes the band’s participation in “Skinny Dipping”, Hysteria (trouble with cops for grilling seagulls by an old hobo) and “Death Threats”, (apparently from priests and bishops, who dance while wearing priest collars – they must be taking their religion too seriously in that strange land). from

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