Deus Nuvem

Deus Nuvem, a Brazilian experimental band, is located in Rio de Janeiro. It was founded in 2010 by Leo and Philip. Deus Nuvem’s debut album “Waving At Us, We’ve Provoked” was released in February 2012. It is a 28-minute mini-album that can be downloaded for free from their website. Deus Nuvem uses cello, sax and trombone to explore many territories. They are influenced by Jazz, Progressive, Progressive, Post-Rock and Jazz. This is a must-have for anyone who loves eccentric music that doesn’t follow any rules. We had a lot of fun recording this EP, and we are very happy with the results. It was an honor to realize these creative impulses. It was a pleasure to create it. I hope you enjoy it. If you are interested in our music, please support us by sharing our music with your friends. Please contact us if you know of any labels or people in your country who would be interested in helping to distribute, manage, and/or manage a tour with Deus Nuvem. *Leo The EP features great Brazilian musicians like Iuri Nicolsky (sax), Antonio Neves(trombone), Lui Coimbra (“cello”), Jessica Araujo (“percussion”) and Barbara Coelho (“singer”). You can download the entire debut EP or listen online to it all at

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