Deux Maisons

The avant-jazz/improvised music scene is very much alive in Europe. This quartet, which reunites two French and two Portuguese musicians from a new generation of creative musicians, is a great example. Two Maisons is the English name for this group. It derives its name from their double nationality within the European Community. Theo Ceccaldi Trio, Roberto Negro‚Äôs La Scala and Toons are French brothers. They were former Joelle Leandre students. Their names have been noted in some of the most interesting developments regarding improvisation. Theo is already considered to be the heir of Stephane Grapelli’s violin lineage, which was continued by Jean-Luc Ponty (and Dominique Pifarely) and includes figures such as Guillaume Roy, Hans Ludemann, Regis Huby and Valentin. Valentin also has partnerships with Vincent Courtois and Pascal Contet, and Cellist Mederic Collignon. Luis Vicente is a Portuguese trumpeter who can be described as Kenny Wheeler meets Don Cherry. His bittersweet sound is a key reason for the international success of Fail Better! and Clocks and Clouds, as well as Vicente/Marjamaki’s releases on the Best of 2014. Marco Franco, another Portuguese musician and composer, is also a drummer and composer. He performs in many contexts with his own band Mikado Lab or with Tim Tim Por Tim Tum, his percussion group. “For Sale” is a unique form of chamber music that will be embraced by the 21st century. Cleanfeed

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