Devin Gray

A multi-talented artist who is interested in many musical genres and who strives for quality in his work. Gray’s infectious energy has led him to many musical projects and directions. Gray is regarded by his peers as a cutting-edge artist. He has the potential to be an artist who will not only push the music forward but also share his unique musical vision with all music lovers. Devin Gray has been able to perform with some of America’s most renowned jazz musicians thanks to his innovative approach to modern drumming. He has recorded and performed with musicians from many backgrounds and styles, including: Ingrid Jensen (Tony Malaby), Gary Thomas, Ingrid Jensen), Dave Burrell and Dave Ballou, Dave Ballou and Michael Formanek. Devin has had the opportunity to perform all over the world and is still able to make friends with his fans. He is a popular young drummer in modern jazz circles in New York City and in multiple cities on America’s East Coast. His current projects include a quartet recording (Dirigo Rataplan), and a tour of compositions written by Ellery Eskelin and Dave Ballou. He currently lives, plays, and composes in Brooklyn, New York. from

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