Dick Oatts/mats Holmquist New York Jazz Orchestra

Dick Oatts, one of the most prominent saxophonists of big band music, teams up with Mats Homquist, his mastermind co-leader. Inspired 35 years ago by Dick Oatts’ classic Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra recording of Mel Lewis, Mats Holmquist has a deep respect for Dick Oatts. He was surrounded with the best big band music and mucisians and brings an amazing explosion of energy to these charts. Mats Holmquist, originally from Sweden is currently the Artistic Director of JZ All star Big Band Shanghai. Mats Holmquist is a pioneer in Swedish jazz and big-band music. He made his debut as a composer and leader of a group, and performed at international jazz festivals such as Montreux, San Sebastian and Stockholm. http://mvdb2b.com

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