Diego Figueiredo

Diego Figueiredo has become a rising star in the world of guitar. Only 35 years old, he has released 23 CDs and 3 DVDs and has played in over 60 countries. He has won numerous important competitions, such as the Montreux Jazz Competition and VISA Prize. Diego will present his new concert, “From the Classical to the Jazz”. It’s a blend of Jazz, Bossa Nova and Classical music. His show is a unique experience. He has a lot to offer, lots of technique and much emotion. Diego Figueiredo was a Brazilian citizen who was born in Franca in 1980. He used to play his small guitar and strike poses. He got a mandolin at six years old and kept it in a special spot in his home. Diego had played many instruments before he decided to learn the electric guitar at the age of twelve. He was able to play in local pubs and theaters, and he discovered the wonderful art of improvising, and harmonizing. He was 15 years old when he conquered nightclubs and theaters across Brazil, either solo or with well-known musicians. Besides being a guitar player, Diego is a producer, arranger, orchestrator, and multi-instrumentalist. Brazil is constantly fostering new stars who amaze and excite their fans with their joy and extraordinary technique. Diego Figueiredo is a popular performer on the stage and plays the guitar with such expressiveness that he has many new fans. Diego Figueiredo, who has twice been awarded at the “MONTREUXJAZZ FESTIVAL”, as the best guitarist in the world, performs an amazing concert that combines technique and emotion with a fusion between Brazilian music and jazz. Diego Figueiredo is the host of the most popular show in Brazilian music. Diego Figueiredo has a wide range of music and is performing on some of the most important stages in the world. He charms the audience wherever he goes with his unique style. Diego has recorded and performed alongside big names such as Gilberto Gil, Roberto Menescal and Toquinho. from www.diegofigueiredo.com

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