Diego Piñera

Diego Pinera, aged 18, left Uruguay to study at the Universidad de arte y musica de la Havana (Cuba). He was able to learn and practice the timbales and drums with afrocuban influence. He was also able to play and learn with well-known Cuban musicians, such as Enrique Pla (drummer at Irakere), and Joaquin Pozo (conga musician). Pinera was hired by Orquesta Cambalache, a Seattle salsa orchestra, for one year after his time in Cuba. Melcochita sang. He formed his own “Diego Pinera trio”, and released the CD “Buscando”, on Perro Andaluz. He was later awarded a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music, Boston. Danilo Perez taught him. He recorded the album “Ongoing Dream” with Edu Tancredi, featuring Miguel Zenon, Jerry Bergonzi, and Antonio Sanchez. Pinera recorded “Schades”, a Shimon Ben Shir song, in Boston. It was produced by Oscar Stagnaro. He also fulfills an engagement with the SHAKIRA tourband. Unfortunately, he had to cancel his contract before the deadline due to poor health. He has lived in Berlin (Germany) since 2003. His collaborations with musicians include Andreas Schmidt (Wilson DeOliveira), Martin Auer, Christian Grabandt and Tino Derado. Sebastian Schunke, Robbie Gerken, Dan Freeman, and Daniel Stawinski. Pinera is also the director of two ensembles at Berlin-Mitte’s music school, and teaches master classes in several other German institutions. He was also awarded the Jazz and Blues Award 2005 first prize with Latin Jazz band Clave Azul. His path led him to Cuba in 2006 to learn the techniques of Jose Luis Quintana, a legendary percussionist. Diego Pinera can attest to the depth and breadth of his life-changing experience. He was recently able to show his technical prowess and impressive rhythmic independence to his audience at the Dresden Drum Festival 2009. He has also developed a workshop program that is available to all interested people in collaboration with Canopus Drums. He has been an endorser of Meinl cymbals since February 2009. In 2010, he also worked with ProMark. CDBaby

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