Divje Jezero

Divje Jezero, or Wild Lake, consists of five musicians – a guitarist, bass guitar and drums. The Idrija (Slovenia), instrumental group is recognized for its wide range of styles, including jazz, rock, fusion, and influences such as Jeff Beck, Billy Cobham, and other 70’s prog-rock groups. The trio was formed in 2008 with Ales playing guitar, Alen on bass, and Luka playing drums. They recorded Divje jezero, a demo CD, one year later. The band developed their own style over the years, drawing on the influences and experiences they gained from years of creating and playing music together. David joined the band in 2010 as a Keys player and his musical talents expanded the band’s musical horizons. Their goal was to always play live and they began to tour in clubs throughout Slovenia. This led to a collaboration between Tomi, who sometimes played the saxophone at live shows. He became a permanent member of the band in 2013. Their latest album, “Mestni Vrvez”, (“City Hustle and Bustle”) – Celinka.si, features ten compositions that each have a different mood and flavor. The band recorded the album, mixed it and produced it. The cover artwork, which was originally an oil painting, was created in collaboration with Danilo Jereb, a local artist. The band currently supports the album with live performances, and is also developing new material. From www.divjezero.si

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