Jakko M. Jakszyk, guitarist of the chart-bound funk-poppers level 42, and Danny Thompson, premier jazz-folk musician, led Dizrhythmia. Along with drummer Gavin Harrison and Pandit Dinesh (Indian percussion player), Dizrhythmia also featured several Indian vocalists, instrumentalists, and drummer Gavin Harrison. Hatfield and North’s Dave Stewart, Peter Blegvad and others also join the band. It’s not a simple funk-plussitar attempt to crossover fusion. The Indian classical instruments are free from the typical curry house cliches and the songs contain no orientalism or exotica. The songs seamlessly integrate rhythms and melodies of both musical traditions in approximately equal amounts, supporting one another subtly, but effectively. The album is not low-key, but it is not ambient. One could compare it to the ’80s dreampop collective This Mortal Coil. It focuses more on atmosphere than groove. Dizrhythmia, which is not Top of the Pops material at all, is an interesting and often quite successful experiment. Allmusic

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