Dizzy Birds

Six young musicians from around the world founded Dizzy Birds, a traditional jazz group based in Berlin. Although they come from different backgrounds, each member shares a passion for the oldest form of jazz, which was created in New Orleans in the early part of the last century. The band quickly gained popularity in Berlin’s swing dancing scene and club scene. They moved to Europe and participated in jazz festivals and international dance events. This made them one of the most popular hot jazz bands. (Meschiya lake, Russell Welch and Joseph Faison The band’s sound resurrects early jazz music that was meant to be fun, energetic, and danceable. The band is inspired by great composers like Jelly Roll Morton and King Oliver, as well as Louis Armstrong’s hot five, Sidney Bechet. They deliver fresh interpretations of thrilling arrangements that will thrill all audiences, from jazz connoisseurs to dancers. After returning from their tour of Italy, Germany and Switzerland, Dizzy Birds recorded their fourth album. It will be released along with an EP featuring Russell Welch and Meschiya lake. from http://syncopation.de

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