Djabe is Hungary’s number one jazz/world-fusion band. Djabe was founded 19 years ago. Since then, Djabe has won many international and domestic awards and recognitions. Djabe has been performing regularly in concert with Steve Hackett, the former guitarist for Genesis. The band has performed in 42 countries across North-America, Asia, Europe and Europe since 2002. International festivals have made Djabe one of the most popular Hungarian bands. These are just a few of the important venues: Rochester and Baltimore, Washington DC and San Jose – USA; Kaslo and Toronto – Canada; Burghausen and Berlin, Regensburg and Munchen — Germany; Klaipeda and Kaunas (Lithuania); Riga u0026 Latvia; Pori and Imatra ­ Finland; Glogow and Cracow, Warsaw, Poland; Stockholm, Sweden; London, England; Hradeckralove, Prague, Czech Republic; Crete a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a, Kaliningrad a a a a a a a a a a a a a a s; Crete a a a a a a, Crete a a a a a a a a a a a a a sk Djabe’s unique music combines elements of jazz with different parts of Hungarian music and world music. Tamas Barabas is the main composer and is also the best Hungarian bass guitar player. Ferenc Kovacs’s music combines jazz and authentic Hungarian music. Archie Shepp, who has worked with Ferenc Kovics several times, said that “he is one the most talented violin players in the entire world and plays the trumpet like Miles Davis.” He has also worked with Balanescu, Dave Murray and Hamid Drake. Djabe’s performances are enhanced by Zoltan Kovacs, a pianist whose colourful, but sometimes classical, play. Djabe is an African Ashanti word that means freedom. Attila Egerhazi, the founder and other composer, is the guitarist and leader of the group. She interprets freedom by mixing styles and instruments. Szilard Banai, Djabe’s drummer is one of Hungary’s most skilled jazz drummers. His musical and reliable play provides the best rhytmic background possible for the band. Tamas Barabas is the sound engineer and arranger for the band. He has been recognized by Abbey Road experts with the 5.1 surround mixing of “Sheafs are Dancing”. In 2004, this release was nominated for the surround music award in Los Angeles. The show of “Djabe special guest Steve Hackett”, the outstanding project of the group, not only features Steve performing Djabe tunes but also includes Hackett classics and Genesis. Djabe and Steve entertained 13.000 people at the Garana Jazz Festival, Romania. Djabe has worked with many foreign and domestic musicians over the last 19 years. Ben Castle, saxophonist of The Brand New Heavies and Sting, Jamie Cullum, can be heard on four albums and three concert releases by Djabe. He also tours with the band. John Nugent, an American saxophonist, plays on the album Take On. He also regularly takes part in Djabe’s concerts. Malik Mansurov, master of the Azerbaijani tar – Djabe performed with him in Baku as well as in Hungary. You can also hear his voice on the album Take On. Two saxophonists from the country are Mihaly Dresch (piano) and Viktor Toth (piano). Current lineup of Djabe is: Barabas Tamas – bass guitar Egerhazi attila – guitar, percussion Kovacs Freenc – trumpet, violin and vocal Banai Szilard drums Kovacs Zoltan ­ piano, keyboards

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