Dolo Coker

Dolo Coker was a fine pianist, but he never made it big. His most prominent period as a bop musician was the time he recorded for Xanadu in late ’70s. He had recorded and worked with Gene Ammons (1955-1957), Lou Donaldson (1970-1981), Lou Donaldson (1970-1981), Lou Donaldson (1970-1981), Art Pepper (appearing in his Contemporary recording Intensity), Philly Joe Jones (1960-1961). In 1961, he settled in Los Angeles and started his own trio. Coker was a collaborator with Stitt once more in the 1970s. He also worked with Blue Mitchell, Red Rodney and Red Rodney. Supersax and many other artists who were associated with the Xanadu record. Allmusic

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