Dolphy Kick Bebop 海豚踢

Hangzhou’s free psychedelic group Dolphy Kick bebop Hai Tun Ti was founded in 2014. It has only performed a handful of live shows. Dolphy Kick Bebop Ha Ti has returned with their new full-length album, “Briefvisit”, after a two year silence. We can see more drone, free jazz, and improvisation elements on “Briefvisit” than their first EP, “Smoke a Haiku Cigarette”, which was released by Space Fruity Records in 2018. African jazz roots, tribal drumming, Japanese free improvisation/noise sound and 60-70s progrock are all influences. This album is a tribute to the raw guitar fuzz, double bass, and saxophone, as well as the various acoustic instruments that improvise, and the humid mountain winds of Southern China. Bandcamp

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