Dominic Duval

Dominic Duval (1945-2016) was an American free jazz musician. Duval has been active in the New York City jazz scene since the 1990s. Although he did not record regularly until the 1990s, he has appeared on many albums, including those on Cadence Jazz and Leo Records. As a result, Duval was described by Allmusic as “unquestionably…one of the most-recorded free jazz bassists on the planet”. Todd Jenkins refers to Duval and Jay Rosen as “house rhythm section” at CIMP, based on the many recordings they have shared. Duval was a free-thinker and a great player. Duval used his Hutchings basse more often than a guitar, violin or lead saxophone. His lines were fast and his textures rich. He rarely played the bass in a traditional low pitch rhythmic role. He was more open to interacting with the other members of the ensemble. From Wikipedia

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