Dominique Di Piazza

Dominique DiPiazza was born in Lyon, France, in 1959. He is an electric bass player. In 1979, Di Piazza was introduced to the bass. DiPiazza was already a self-taught guitar player. He developed a unique, but unusual, ‘closed hand’ technique that involved picking with the right thumb, index and middle fingers. This gave him an electric bass player’s speed not seen before. [citation needed] He was a member of the John McLaughlin Trio from 1991 to 1992, and toured the world with Trilok Gurtu. They also released an album entitled Que Alegria. Many bass players from Europe and America were influenced by him, including Adam Nitti (bass), Lucas Pickford (drums), and Matthew Garrison (guitar). DiPiazza and a group with the same name, which included Dennis Chambers on drums and Bireli Lagrene, released Front Page in 2000. The Victory Music Award was presented to the album in 2001 for best jazz CD. 2005 and 2006, DiPiazza traveled in Reunion and Mauritius, Madagascar, and 10 other African countries. He was accompanied by Meddy Geville, a Reunion pianist, Jean-Marie Ecay, on guitar, and Horacio Hernandez, drummer. The tour resulted in Jazz Amwin, a new CD that was independently released. from

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