Donna Khalifé

Donna Khalife, a singer, double-bass player, composer, arranger, was born in Lebanon. At a young age, she began piano lessons. She moves to Paris in 2003 to continue her music education: piano, orchestration and harmony. Her conducting classes with Nicolas Brochot, as well as her jazz and improvisation classes taught by Guillaume Roy, have a significant impact on her musical sensibilities. She learns to play the piano and double bass, and she can also compose, arrange, and arrange jazz music. She is awarded a 1st Prize in Orchestration at the Conservatoire Regional de Paris and a Diploma in Harmony and Counterpoint. She also graduates from the Conservatoire d’Evry in Jazz. She is a multifaceted artist who participates in many projects in Europe and Lebanon today as both a leader and sidewoman. She released her first album ” Heavy Dance” featuring her quintet, in March 2017 and her second ” Hope is the thing with feathers” in November 2019. from

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