Douglas Detrick

Douglas Detrick is an artist, composer, and trumpet player. His work in these varied areas is marked by his quiet thoughtfulness and willingness to embrace good ideas from unorthodox sources. For his work with the chamber-jazz quintet Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble and the commission work “The Bright and Rushing World”, he was awarded the 2011 Chamber Music America New Jazz Works and Presenting Jazz grants. He has performed with the New York community at the Stone, Jazz Gallery, Issue Project Room, and performed new music by Christian Wolff alongside the Merce Cunningham Dance Company during its farewell performance at Park Avenue Armory. He also joined Dave Douglas’ Festival of New Trumpet Music’s curatorial team. He acts as an arts consultant for artists and arts organizations. He helps to define goals and devise strategies to achieve them through program design, fundraising, marketing, WordPress websites and career coaching. Douglas Detrick started the improvising chamber ensemble Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble to perform music he had written for his master’s thesis recital. The group agreed to continue their collaboration after the recital. Shirley Hunt joined the group on cello and they have created a unique collection that includes ensemble performance techniques and repertoire. The New Jazz Works grant was granted to the group by Chamber Music America in 2011. The funding came from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The group has performed all over New York and on the West Coast, including at The Stone in New York, and Is That Jazz? in Seattle. Festival. The quintet performed the world premiere of the concert length suite, commissioned by Chamber Music America in 2012. It was also played throughout the United States in the 2012-13 season. CMA Presenting Jazz was also awarded to the group, which will be presented at three FONT events in New York and Chicago. AnyWhen Ensemble has collaborated with Wayne Horvitz, an internationally renowned pianist. Detrick continues his work with AnyWhen Ensemble. He also performs originals and traditional folk music for his Cartography project. This allows him to use a variety of musicians from solo to a group, and presents music from American folk traditions in a chamber-jazz setting. Detrick spent four years of his childhood in Eugene, Oregon. Detrick moved to Oregon to get his Master’s of music from the University of Oregon. He also served two years as a graduate teacher fellow. Detrick also founded the AnyWhen Ensemble, Douglas Detrick Quintet and the Detrick/Swigart Big Band. He also co-founded Any Permutation, an improvising trio. Detrick also performed with the Emerald City Jazz Kings and the Oregon Festival of American Music. Detrick also performed with the Emerald City Jazz Kings and the Oregon Festival of American Music. Detrick was commissioned by the NOW Ensemble and Beta Collide. These ensembles are led by Brian McWhorter and Molly Barth, a Grammy-winning flutist and trumpeter. As a composer, Detrick has been awarded several grants and awards: * 2011 New Jazz Works grant by Chamber Music America * 2011 Presenting Jazz grant to Chamber Music America * Honorable mention for “Cape Creek” in the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award in 2009 for Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble * 2007 Downbeat Student Music Award in recognition of his arrangement of Duke Ellington’s “Single Petal of a Rose”. * Winner of the 2007 Meridian Arts Ensemble Composition Contest. In September 2007, the MAE performed “As The Crow Flies” at the Manhattan School of Music. As an arts consultant, Detrick has worked with the Festival of New Trumpet and the American Composer’s Alliance as well as many other artists. Although he is a specialist in music, he also assists artists and arts organizations of any size to reach their goals through program design, fundraising, communications, and communication. A Workshop for Artists: How To Write Effectively About Your Music on Your Website, to the Press and to Potential Funders” is his course. It focuses on helping artists to prepare for, search for and capitalize on professional opportunities for their work. Detrick has written about music for many publications, including, The Curator, and New Music Box. The EveryPeople Workshop has also asked him to write “feathered”, a short story that was published in John Sutton’s Short Short Stories series. Detrick is also a poet and received the Lawrence University Hicks Prize in Poetry. Detrick also holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Lawrence University of Appleton in trumpet performance, with a jazz emphasis. He studied with John Daniel on trumpet, Fred Sturm on jazz composition, and Joanne Metcalf, Marcos Balter, classical music composition. Detrick was born and raised in New Jersey. However, his childhood near Portland, Oregon, has been the most influential. His music is a result of the musicians participating in an auditory ecosystem. Each player decides what to do based on the musical environment around them, much like the memories of playing under the giant fir trees in his homeland. Detrick currently resides in New Rochelle (New York). from

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