Dr Dopo Jam

Dr. Dopo jam is a obscure Danish progressive band that combines many influences. The song’s opening track begins with an Animals-like melody, before moving into a Motown-ish chorus. A guitar solo sounds almost like it could have been from Nyl or Couer Magique. This, their second album, features a wide range of events that Dr. Dopo Jam covers. You can hear distinct fusion elements with dynamic instrumental play and doo-wap vocals. It sounds like a strange combination of Smokey Robinson and the Beach Boys. This style of stylistic pastiche reminds of Supersister at its zaniest and most likely their greatest influence, Frank Zappa. These results are often impressive and interesting, especially when the group lets loose. The group’s instrumentation is varied – the group can do everything – vocal choruses with more than one singer, horn sections, and piano and violin duos. This bizarre musical combination is worth the effort, and it is unrivalled by anything else you have ever heard. This is an amazing experience for those who love unusual music. The one jam with the bizarre Xhol-like sax totally won me over from http://gnosis2000.net

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