Duffy King

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Producer SAG/AFM Energetic, kinetic grooves, driving rhythms, searing, blistering leads, finesse and feel are words that have been used to describe Duffy’s style of guitar playing. Duffy hails from Detroit, a city with a rich musical history. He has toured the world, as well as performed in numerous studio sessions. These include national televised ads campaigns, major label releases, and compositions that have been nominated or won awards such as Grammy Awards, Billboard Magazine Awards, World Music Awards, and other awards. The combination of these achievements, along with performing alongside a wide range of top-caliber musicians has earned Duffy a reputation for being a great guitarist. Duffy is a versatile player, with a strong knowledge of all types of music. His most notable accomplishments are his powerful Jazz/Rock and R playing.

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