Duncan Eagles

Duncan Eagles is a London-based saxophonist, who regularly performs at festivals and venues around the globe. He has performed at numerous major festivals and venues around the globe, including Ronnie Scotts (Soho), Cheltenham International Jazz Festival (Soho), Vancouver International Jazz Festival (China), Istanbul Jazz Festival (China), EFG London Jazz Festival (Zurich), Moods Jazz Club, Wuhan Jazz Fest(China), The Kings Place (Brecon Jazz Festival), Love Supreme Jazz Festival (Melbourne) and The Paris Cat (Melbourne) throughout his career. Duncan was also selected by Serious for the Take 5 program for 2017. More info HERE. Duncan has also performed at many major venues and festivals around the world, including Ronnie Scotts, Pizza Express Jazz Club (Soho), Cheltenham International Jazz Festival, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Istanbul, EFG London Jazz Festival, Istanbul, Wuhan, China, The Kings Place, Brecon, Love Supreme, Paris Cat (Melbourne). Duncan is also well-known for his work with Partikel, a critically acclaimed band that has released four albums. Their second, third, and fourth albums, “Cohesion”, and “String Theory”, were signed to Whirlwind Recordings. They have received praise from the UK, European, and USA media. String Theory was also included in the European Jazz Network Charts as well as the Daily Telegraph’s top albums of 2015. They were nominated in 2017 for a parliamentary jazz award under the “Best Jazz Ensemble” category alongside Phronesis, Binker, and Moses. He is currently working on his first album as his own. Stay tuned for more news on 2018! Duncan is also involved in many other exciting projects in the UK and abroad, such as the Benet McLean Band which appears on his recent two albums ‘Live At the 606’ and “The Bopped and the Bopless”, both released by 33 Records. Duncan is also part of the Ollie Howell Quintet. He also appears on his debut album, “Live at the 606”, which was released on Whirlwind Recordings. His latest album, “Self Identity,” will be released on Ropeadope Records 2016. Duncan’s extensive performing career is not the only thing he does. He also tutors at the Dordogne International Jazz Summer School. His latest album, ‘Self Identity’, was released worldwide on Whirlwind Recordings. Duncan also has a Monday night residency at London’s award-winning jazz club The Hideaway where he leads a workshop followed by a jam session. Since 2010, this session has been a fixture of the London jazz scene, attracting both young and established musicians. From www.duncaneagles.com

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