Dwiki Dharmawan

Dwiki Dharmawan, Indonesia’s most celebrated and gifted music personality, is a multi-genre keyboardist and composer, producer and peace activist, and a cultural icon. Dwiki is a respected and popular industry figure with a 30-year career and over 70 performances. Dwiki continues to search for new musical ground despite a long and successful musical career that has been marked with large-scale success and critical acclaim worldwide. His band, Krakatau is well-known worldwide. His project, the World Peace Orchestra aims to spread social harmony and consciousness around the world. Dwiki grew up in Bandung West Java. His home was located behind the Bandung Conservatory of Music. He used to go there to watch students dance to angklung and gamelan music. Dwiki was a classical music student for two years, before he began to study jazz at 13. This transition exposed him to Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Weather Report. Dwiki’s plays are based on the ancient gamelan system. This is the foundation for traditional music from Sunda and Java. Krakatau adapts slendro to western diatonic scales, fusing its rhythms, unique melodies, with jazz, rock and funk. This creates an exciting mix of cultures and provides a lively listening experience. Dwiki was the co-music director of the extraordinary musical event “Megalithicum Quantum”. Dwiki has traveled to Indonesia to discover and enhance Indonesia’s cultural diversity and to conduct revitalization and bringing Indonesia to the international stage. Dwiki’s support for Indonesia is evident in his involvement in the promotion of Indonesian Culture and Tourism. Dwiki was also a member the Jakarta Arts Council (2003-2009), Chairman AMIAwards (Indonesian Music Awards), 2016-Now, and Chairman of PAPPRI Collecting Society. 2015-Now). The Farabi Music Education Center reflects Dwiki’s deep interest in Indonesian music development. from www.motionbluejakarta.com

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