Dylan Ryan

Chicago-born Dylan Ryan, a composer and drummer, began his musical journey when he was a newborn riding home from the hospital to Oingo Boingo’s Demo EP. (He claims it was something from UFO’s Strangers In The Night. The lessons continued, beginning with guitar, piano and finally drum set. It was mainly hours spent learning the parts of Iron Maiden’s drumming and Black Sabbath’s guitar music that led to the initial courtship. Dylan began lessons at Northwestern University and studied with some well-known figures of Chicago’s jazz community such as Gerry Coleman, Paul Wertico, and David Bloom. Ryan’s style has been defined by his ability to balance the influences of British Heavy Metal and Avant-garde Jazz. Ryan was a DePaul University student of film and literature. He played in various jazz groups, from beer-soaked dives to tiki bar cocktails. These were the years when he met the musicians that would become Herculaneum, his longest-running project. Ryan began touring and recording with Orso and Icy Demons. He used a mix of John “Drumbo”, French’s Magic Band Kit and the traditional instruments from 1930’s jug band era. Ryan was also a well-known musician in the decades-old Free-Jazz community. He played with New-Music legends Jason Stein, Josh Berman and Fred Lonberg-Holm. Ryan now lives in Los Angeles, where he continues to perform with Herculaneum. He also plays with Cursive and Icy Demons and Harmonize Most High. His most recent project, Dylan Ryan SAND, was launched in 2012 with Devin Hoff and Tim Young. from http://www.dylanryanmusic.com

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