Dzyan, a German progressive-rock group, was formed in January 1972. Dzyan (Aronda 1972) was their first album. It featured Dieter Kramer on guitar and Jochen Leuschner singing. Gerd Ehrmann played saxophone and Ludwig Braum drummed. Reinhard Karwatky was on bass. Soon the quintet disintegrated and Karwatky formed an identical trio (Eddy Marron, Peter Giger, drums). Time Machine (Bellaphon 1973) is a collection of four complex jams. It offers an unusual mix of acid-rock and progressive-rock as well as world-music and Canterburyian jazz-rock and ranks among the greatest examples of German progressive rock. Kabisrain and Time Machine, both 17 minutes long, are inventive and skilled in their interplay. Magika is furious, chromatic and in keeping with avant-jazz tradition. The trio added sitar and mellotron to Electric Silence (Bellaphon 1974). The trio’s influences from Popol Vuh, ECM school, and For Earthly Thinking turn them towards introspection. They emphasize the exotic elements (Khali), and jazz fuel (Electric Silence: The Road Not Taken). Back To Where We Came from and For Earthly Thinking are longer tracks that can be described as yin/yang. The former is almost a zen meditation, while the latter is a lively piece. Giger, Lenz was released by Marron and Gunter Lenz.

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