Eabs (electro Acoustic Beat Sessions)

Hip-hop and jazz have a relationship that is nearly as old as each other. Each camp’s musicians were inspired by one another and constantly improved their sound and skills. Many projects combine hip-hop and jazz in Poland, a country with a strong hip-hop scene. This phenomenon is rooted in the Polish jazz school, which has been developing rapidly since the 1950s. The country’s newest phenomenon is Electro-Acoustic Beat Sessions. The band was founded by jazz musicians and hip-hop producers. They can take listeners on an amazing trip to the intersection of Polish jazz and hip hop. The concerts of the band are unique because they combine two worlds that seem so different yet completely compatible. EABS musicians especially love Krzysztof Kmeda’s works. Roman Polanski, one of the most prominent Polish jazz composers, was an outstanding pianist, and pioneer of modern jazz. Komeda also wrote film scores for Rosemary’s Baby. The Spring Break 2017 festival’s EABS concert was dedicated to the late author. It was a highly regarded performance and one of the most memorable. From www.europavox.com

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