Eclectic Blah

Music that is danceable, musically interesting and improvised, that can be performed in any line-up, and which is enjoyable for both musicians and dancers. The project “Eclectic Blah” has made this possible. It is a utopia that may seem impossible to many who have tried it. These were the only rules that remained constant throughout the existence of Eclectic Blah’s existence. All music must be entirely improvised. All music must (more or less!) be danceable. Eclectic Blah’s concept was not based upon a set of musicians. The majority of Eclectic Blah’s musicians came from people who performed and played more often with the group. Straschill started the project in August 2001, and it remained active until March 2005. Between August 2001 and March 2005, 12 concerts were presented to the public. This included 13 performers. Many sessions were held in between the public performances. The majority of performances were recorded. from

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