Ed Bear And Geof Lipman

Personnel: Ed Bear, Electroacoustic Saxophone. This extends the reach of a saxophone to control the environment around it. The complex signal path, which includes mics both inside and outside of the horn, allows him to interact with the room acoustics and use the saxophone as a tuned column. The sound effects are organic and otherworldly. Influences: Ecstatic u0026 Wingless – “A suitable instructor for young roller canaries.” (Canary Records), All the Coltranes. Keiji Haino. Mats Gustafsson. Borbetomagus. Ex-Talibam and Ex-TwistyCat geof Lipman – Spanish Guitar Using traditional and extended techniques, Spanish Guitar eschews electronic effects to drive musical discovery. He is conceptually formalistic and stylistically unconventional. He seeks the middle ground, between chaos and stasis. Early Leo Brouwer and Cecil Taylor, Andre Jolivet and Buddy Guy are his influences. Active in the avant-garde and free jazz scenes in Boston, California in the 80s and San Francisco in 1990s. G https://geoflipman.bandcamp.com/follow_me

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