Ed Wynne (guitar)

Edward Wynne, an English guitarist and keyboardist, was born in Wandsworth, London, on 3 June 1961. He is best known for being the founding member, principal composer, and the only member of the psychedelic rock band Ozric Tentacles. Ed Wynne was a London-born musician and keyboardist. He is the son and grandson of Joan Grant, an English author, and English sculptor David Wynne. George Harrison, a family friend and the late Beatles guitarist encouraged Wynne, then seven years old, to take up guitar. Wynne’s father used to have big names in music like Jimi Hendrix or Donovan stay at his house. Wynne was able to appreciate music from a variety of genres thanks to his family’s emphasis on music and art. At age 16, he dropped out of school because he was not interested in school. His parents encouraged him and instructed him to play the sounds of nature on his piano. While in school, he was involved in several bands, including Bolshem People. They recorded in Wynne’s attic in Rushmere. A track from theirs, Erp Riff83, can be found on the compilation album A Psychoedelic Psauna. Along with Roly Wynne, his brother, and other Stonehenge Free Festival members, he formed Ozric Tentacles. After several lineup changes, Ozric Tentacles began to be led more and more closely by Wynne. Wynne was responsible for beat programming, as well as guitar and keyboards. He is the original member of the band. Ed Wynne is joined by Brandi Wynne, his separated wife, on bass guitar and Silas Neptune, on keyboards. After being asked by promoters at the Crypt club, Deptford, South London to create an ambient set for their “chillout” area, Wynne collaborated in Nodens Ictus with Joie hinton. Wynne has been a guest musician on works by Jordan Rudess and Amon Duul UK as well as Eat Static and Invisible System. Merv Pepler, his ex-bandmate, composed and programmed the track “Sphere Wave’s” to be featured on the Cognition Factor soundtrack. His gear includes synthesizers like the Novation Supernova II and Roland S760, Roland Fantom XR and Roland D-50. He also has Sequential Pro-1 guitars, Ibanez JEM and Ibanez Artist as well as Ibanez EGEN18 and Yamaha Acoustic pedals, and Marshall Amplification. Wikipedia

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