Eddie Costa

Eddie Costa was an American vibraphonist and jazz pianist who lived from August 14, 1930 to July 28, 1962 in Atlas, Pennsylvania. A quintet consisting of Phil Woods, Art Farmer and Teddy Kotick was led by Costa in 1957. Their repertoire included interpretations of “I didn’t know what time it was” and “In Your Own Sweet Way” by Dave Brubeck. The latter featured Costa’s vibes and Farmer’s muted trumpet with Woods switching to his piano. The 1958 recording of Guys and Dolls Like Vibes, with Bill Evans, was his next. It was originally recorded by the Eddie Costa Quartet and is now available on CD as Bill Evans and Eddie Costa: Complete Quartet. From Wikipedia: Eddie Costa was killed in a car accident at New York’s Westside Highway, July 28, 1962.

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