Eddie “lockjaw” Davis

Eddie “Lockjaw”, tenor saxophonist, had been a pioneer in the organ/tenor format almost a decade ago and had previously featured Shirley Scott in person since 1955. But the present album, his first for Prestige, was something quite different. The unusual ensemble texture that Davis created by including Jerome Richardson, a woodwind wizard, and having him play primarily on flute was instantly popular. This would result in two more volumes of his soulful musical recipes. Everybody plays with the most profound feeling throughout. Richardson switches to tenor to battle with the leader on “Three Deuces,” and Richardson returns to flute for a short bit. Other people have been mastering the masters since the invention of the CD. The final step in creating the final product’s sound is mastering. Thanks to the Concord Music Group, I am now able to present my music on CD with modern technology thanks to their remastering. I can recall the sessions very well. I remember how the musicians wanted it to sound and their reactions to the playbacks. Today, I feel strongly that I am their messenger.” –Rudy Van Gelder from http://www2.concordmusicgroup.com

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