Eddy “the Chief” Clearwater

Chicago’s West Side was home to some of the greatest bluesmen in the world during the 1950s. Magic Sam, Otis Rush and Freddie King ruled the clubs. Eddy “The Chief”, Clearwater, with his powerful guitar playing, emotive and soulful vocals, and wild stage shows easily deserves a place on this list. Clearwater, a Chicago legend, is a fiery, blues-rocking performer. Clearwater is equally at home playing deep, heartfelt blues and rocking out to good-time party music. DownBeat stated that Left-hander Eddy Clearwater was a powerful six-stringer… He lays down some gritty West Side shuffles and belly-grinding slowblues that showcase his raw chops, powerful vocals, and humorous lyrics. Clearwater is one of the most respected West Side blues musicians today. His left-handed guitar play, his powerful vocals and his unique rock-a-blues style (a strong mix of blues and rock, country, and gospel), his unbridled energy, and even his Indian headdress make Clearwater one of the best. His talent was recognized by the blues world when he received the Blues Music Award For Contemporary Blues AC/a. His 2003 album Rock ‘N Roll City was nominated to win a Grammy Award. He’s now back with his first Alligator CD, WEST SIDE STUT. Ronnie Baker Brooks, a young hotshot guitarist, has produced WEST SIDE STUT. This energetic mix of West Side Blues and old-school rock is infused with a modern, tough edge. The CD features some of Eddy’s most exciting playing, paired with his sharp guitar and ready-to-go vocals. Eddy’s old friends Lonnie Brooks and Jimmy Johnson, Billy Branch, Otis Clay, and Otis Clay are among the guests. Ronnie Baker Brooks plays some of his most impressive guitar parts. Eddy co-wrote seven of the 12 songs. Eddy’s unflinching and ferocious guitar playing, his powerful vocals, and his unlimited energy are all brought to life. This is a result of his many years of experience. GuitarOne described Clearwater as taking his listeners “a inspired trip to that rolling crossroads where blues and rock collide.” Eddy was born Edward Harrington, a cousin to Carey Bell Harrington, on January 10, 1935, in Macon, Mississippi. He and his family moved to Birmingham in 1948. Music from blues, gospel, country and everything in between

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