Eder is a young band from Berlin/Leipzig. Their songs are strong and blur the lines between experimental rock-music, modern jazz, and free improvisation. Their music is characterized by a constant search for new ways to express their emotions. Felix Franzke, a guitarist, knows how to add a touch of colour to his sound. The other musicians are also not following the same path. Everything is possible when you have the wild and young Niklas Kraft on saxophone. His rich and complex world of sound and colour is filled with elegiac and energetic melodies. Friedemann Pruss’s diverse sound includes many effects, such as rattles, music boxes and gongs. These are unifying with Hendrik Krause’s distorted or octave transposed bass. They are all very well-known in their respective local scenes and they are all promising. They are able to communicate their individuality while still creating a cohesive band sound. The group achieves new and exciting textures in their compositions by doing this. Eder is lyrical, experimental, minimal, ecstatic, loud and soft. From bandcamp

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