Edition Spéciale

The French jazz-rock-fusion style of the mid-Seventies was still not fully defined. The country couldn’t compete with American leaders such as WEATHER REPORT and RETURN TO FOREVER. One of the most well-known French guitarists, Martial “MIMI” LORENZINI, decided to continue his career. Martial “MIMII” LORENZINI, keyboardist Ann BALLESTER and Josquin TURENNE DES PRES, founded EDITION SPECIALE with Jean-Franois BOUCHET – DANGELY in 1975. You can hear the music perfectly mastered in their 1976 debut album, “Alle Des Tilleuls”. This made them famous. The band was able to create their own vision of Progressive jazz-rock, sung in French with some tracks in English thanks to the talents of many. Even though they were absent from the band’s other recordings, song and funk elements were still present. “Aliquante”, a Spanish port, is not about a well-known Spanish port. This adjective refers to a rhythmic concept based upon very complicated tempo cuts that are dear to EDITION SPECIAL. The second effort is almost instrumental and was created to rival the great American jazz-rock fusion bands, WEATHER REPORT, and THE MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA. This is your chance to get to know the subtle, yet energetic, drumming skills of Alain GOUILLARD. He’s a true virtuoso and deserves to be ranked alongside Bill BRUFORD and Alain GOZZO. The Musea reissue also includes models for two tracks. These models will be released 12 months later on the third studio album, “Horizon Digital” (1978). One of the most important French bands in the Seventies! from http://www.clear-spot.nl

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