Edwin Sanz

Edwin Sanz was born on Augustin del Sur, Venezuela. His family, a native of Barlovento, passed on his passion for the arts to him. Reinaldo Mijares is a professional choreographer and dancer. Edwin began dancing at the age of 6 and continued to dance until he was 18. He also learned the art of percussion during this time. Through dance, song, and music, the ‘Grupo Madera” promotes afro-caribbean culture and afrovenezuelan culture. The company has travelled extensively throughout Venezuela, as well as other South American countries and Europe. The company also took part in important television shows. As a school of his life, the 12 years spent with this group were crucial. This experience gave Edwin the skills and training he needed to pursue a solo artistic career. Edwin makes the decision to be his own man and dedicates himself to the music of percussionist. He travels to Europe to expand his knowledge and develop his artistic career. He first arrives in Paris-France, where he stays for a few years before finally settling in Geneva-Switzerland. from www.pizzaexpresslive.com

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