Egba (electronic Groove & Beat Academy)

Egba was one of the first Swedish bands that fused jazz and rock, and sometimes African-American music too. It was led by Ulf Adaker (b. 1945, and Ulf Andersson (b. 1940), both musicians whose roots are in jazz from the 1960s. Many other musicians from that era expanded their repertoire to include electronic sounds, working with younger musicians who had a primarily rock background. Harald Svensson, a pianist and keyboard-player, is one of these musicians. Harald Svensson was born in 1954 and has been involved with many other groups, including Entra. Tenor saxophonist Ove Johansson (b. 1936) and Susanna Lindeborg, keyboard player (b. 1952) and Susanna Lindeborg (b. from

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