Electric Outlet

Electric Outlet was founded in 2005 by the European Session Heavyweights Frank Itt (b), RalfGustke (dr), and Tom Aeschbacher(keys). They were listening to music at Franks Studio 4 as teenagers. This music was called fusion in the 70’s, which wasn’t a bad thing at all. The turntable was spinning with many other tracks, including “School Days” by Stanley Clark, “Spectrum” by Billy Cobham, and “Lifetime” by Tony Williams. The guys were inspired by the energy and reckless abandon of these recordings and decided to make an album that had one rule: They could do whatever they wanted! This meant that there were no stylistic limitations and Electric Outlets would include elements of electronica, Jazz, Funk and Blues. Kai Fricke’s amazing production skills make “On” a contemporary record. The lack of preparation before recording was another important aspect of the album’s creation. Everyone brought little pieces of music and in half an hour, they had a track ready to record. As a framework, simple instrumental melodies were used to allow each player to play off each other. Recollective improvisation was a common feature of the recording of “On”, making it difficult to choose which track to record. This recording is a masterpiece because of the pure joy of four exceptional musicians playing music. The Musicians: Marcus Nepomuc Deml, one of Europe’s most charismatic Electric Guitar Players, is a great example of this. The Prague-born musician, who was raised in Germany, Austria and the United States, has an amazing tone and subtle virtuosity. He released 1994 the “Ambient-Techno meets guitar” record with “Earth Nation”, and their albums “Thoughts In Past Future” and “Live At the Montreux Jazz-Festival”. This approach was continued with more guitars, and 1998 saw the release the critically-acclaimed “Errorhead”, a landmark in Music-History! His follow-up, “Error rhythm”, shows Marcus’ growth as a writer, and stylist. He can get inside one note, or can tear your head off with a series of runs or an incredible sound. Tom Aeschbacher was a German-German citizen who was born in Heidelberg in 1969. He grew up in Germany and Switzerland. During his studies at the Musician Institute in Hollywood, he was awarded Outstanding Player of The Year 1996. He has been a keyboard player in numerous bands and shows, ranging from Top Ten acts to Top 40 cover bands. He is a well-known session player and performs approximately 120 shows per year. He is currently a member the German top show production ‘Night Fever’ as well as the popular German band ‘Lotto King Karl. Frank Itt was born 1960 in Germany. At the age of 18, he began playing bass very late. He was able to play in a Blues-Band a year later. He and Marc, a British friend, started “The Touch”, their first band. After two years of rehearsals and some personnel changes, the first record-deal was signed. Only the singer “Terence Trent D’Arby”, who was the only member of the band, made it to international success after the band split. Frank was invited to join “Jennifer Rush’s Tour-Band in 1985. He did this for two years. This was Frank’s entrance into the Tour-Band of Howard Carpendale, a highly successful MOR-Act in Germany. He still plays bass. Later, he worked for “Al Bano

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