Electric Squeezebox Orchestra

The Electric Squeezebox Orchestra, a big band of 17 musicians based in San Francisco, plays music written and arranged by its members. The band is currently led by Erik Jekabson, a trumpeter. The E.S.O. The E.S.O. currently consists Erik, Henry Hung and Darren Johnston on trumpets, Doug Morton, Dave Scott and Richard Lee on trombones. Sheldon Brown, Larry Delacruz, Patrick Malabuyo, Richard Lee, Richard Lee, and Sheldon Brown on alto saxes. Mike Zilber, Marcus Stephens, and Charlie Gurke on tenor saxes. You’ll also find many of the Bay Area’s best jazz musicians joining the band each week. They have collaborated with Kenny Washington and Madeline Eastman. Their debut CD, “Cheap Rent”, was released by OA2 and is receiving radio play all over the country. They recently returned to the studio for their next CD. from http://electricsqueezeboxorchestra.com

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