Elkano Browning Cream

Franck Mantegari and Dave Wilkinson were together for five days in May 2013 to record “UH EH”, the fourth album by Elkano Browning Cream. This record is full of colors. The three musicians showcase their wide musical palette and dive into powerfully rhythmic melodies without any stylistic complexity. They start with the jazz band format (Hammond organ and guitar, drums), but they expand it with magnetic compositions that transport through music that evokes African, oriental, or nocturnal European landscapes. The album’s 65 minute duration will bring you back to your daily life with its thirteen songs. Mikel Azpiroz, who adhered to his philosophy of taking an active part in the album’s creation (composition, recording and mixing, editing), was responsible for the production and edition of the record with Mamusik. Ediciones Resistencia was responsible in the distribution of the record in stores. UH EU is now on sale in stores. The band has had a multi-angular approach since their 2007 debut album. This resulted in albums that are rich in nuances and contain strong melodies with a strong rhythmic element. Mikel Azpiroz is the pianist and organist from San Sebastian. Dave Wilkinson, a British guitarist, completes the band. They have a variety of interesting careers that include collaborations with artists like Jabier Muguruza and Saint Germain. All this combined with the band’s international nature gives jazz a unique personality, which is eclectic and exotic. Following the success of their first album, they edited “2”, and released “Bohemia” in 2012. This is a small collection of gypsy sounds that pays tribute to street musicians. UH EH now reflects the group’s maturity as well as their interpretive power. Multiculturality is also a result of the band’s nomadic nature. Since their beginnings in the USA, the band has performed at many festivals and venues throughout Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania. from www.elkanobrowningcream.com

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