Ellen Sejersted Bødtker

Ellen Sejersted Bodtker, an innovative artist, has a wide repertoire that includes music from Mozart and Ravel to contemporary crossover and contemporary music. Ellen has performed on all stages, concert halls and festivals in Norway and has travelled the globe with her harp. She is a unique harpist and one of the most renowned harp soloists in Scandinavia. She is well-known for her strong dedication to contemporary music and collaborates regularly with some of the most prominent nordic composers. She plays with the Norwegian ensemble Oslo Sinfonietta.www.oslosinfonietta.com She has toured with The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, performing at several prestigious festivals around the world. Ellen has performed solo with orchestras like the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and The Norwegian Chamber Music Orchestra. She also appeared with The St Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra. She has been a soloist in Italy, Canada and the USA. Ellen has appeared on radio and TV several times. Ellen hosts her own TV-shows that feature Spanish and French music for harp. She also hosted her own TV-shows. This performance is open to all. The music to Lifeblood has just been released by Warner Music. Feel free to visit the web site : http://www.hjerteblod.no ALBUMS: “FRENCH MUSIC FOR HARP AND STRINGS” marks her Solo debut on the label Naxos international. It has received great reviews both in Norway and abroad. The Vertavo Quartet is also featured on the album. Her second recording of Norwegian music, “VILLVENG”, was released in 2003. It features both her compositions as well as works by other composers. This album features many acclaimed artists such as Lars Lillo- Stenberg, trumpeter Arve Henriksen, and more. The 2009 release of SONaR features Norwegian music composed especially for her by Magnar Am. Ellen recorded many albums with “SOLVGUTTENE”, the Norwegian boys’ choir. “JULEMESSE”, which was released in 2007, received excellent reviews in the Norwegian press. “PACEM”, a 2012 album, contains a new piece written by Bjorn Kruse for Ellen and Solvguttene. Texts by Lars Saabye Christensen are included in “PACEM”. She has also worked with many well-known singers, including Eir Inderhaug and Linda Ovrebo. She was a soloist with St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonics during the Nordic music festival in St. Petersburg, 2009. This was the first world premiere of Karsten Fondals’ “The Shore” as well as Maja Ratkjes’ “Mood IV”, which she had written. EDUCATIONAL: Norwegian State Academy Hochshule fur Musik and Dartstellende Kunst in Wien Indiana University, Bloomington, USA AWARDS. – The Norwegian States Exchange Scholarship – The Norwegian States Travel Fund – Fund for performing artists – Fund of sound u0026 picture – H. Chr. Houens scholarship – W.Wilhelmsens scholarships – Hejes scholarship – Arvesens Scholarship Fund – Scholarship, USA The Norwegian national youth orchestra’s scholarship http://harpe.no

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