Elvis Stanić

Elvis Stanic, a Croatian jazz composer and guitarist who is also a multiinstrumentalist and the best contemporary jazz fusion guitarist in Croatia, is the highest-paid. The leader of the Elvis Stanic Group» is a jazz fusion group that combines mediteranean fluidity with a fiercing Latin rhythm and contemporary jazz sounds. The band plays original music that is rooted in modern electric jazz and expanded to include latin, traditional, and even New Age music. Elvis Stanic is a composer who explores traditional Croatian music and connects it with other world traditions to create a new genre. He is one of the most prominent World jazz mucisians from Croatia. He has been awarded numerous international and national awards for music and culture (Croatian Grammy/ Porin/music awards, 7 Status HGU Awards, …) awards in 2008), and the Order of Croatian Danica by the President of Croatia for exceptional achievements in the cultural field. http://www.liburniajazz.hr

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