Emmanuel Borghi

The pianist, Christian Vander, has spent two decades playing alongside him – in trio, jazz quartet, and Magma. One of his first experiences under his name was 1996 when he was surrounded by friends during the Collective Mu. Anecdotes revealed the talents of a musician who was both a pianist and a composer. We were captivated by the melodic promise from the beginning. We had to wait a while… Three years ago, we discovered the multicolored, dreamlike world of Slug. This formation has rock accents. Namekuji and Slug are, for Emmanuel Borghi, a stimulating playground where his imaginative illumination can be displayed quite freely. It is now time for another exposure. This one will be more difficult than the first because the jazz trio must be considered, as we all know, as a moment for the musician. This one is in nude without any other outcomes than its own overtaking. The danger can be a source of inspiration, a place where beauty and simplicity can co-exist. We have a wonderful example of this! Emmanuel Borghi creates a unique painting by combining Blaise Chevallier (double basse) and Antoine Paganotti(drums), which is rhythmic and present, but also discreet and present. The inspiration that Emmanuel Borghi uses to lighten his work sounds like a long breath. It is obvious that this music of light has some air. We will have guessed that this music of light also has some breath from the very first notes of “Don’t Give Up” (a tremendous rework by Peter Gabriel, as well as the only cover, which is signed compositions Emmanuel Borghi), and we feel the musician close to us, ready and waiting to remind us of where he came from and the real guides who guided him along his journey. Between intimate ballads of high romantic content, which are accompanied by Bill Evans’ friendly shade, and attempts to thwart rhythmic tricks which is undoubtedly Monkienne inspired, Emmanuel Borghi stands out as the narrator that seduces us with its melodic clarity and pass on us – as wholesome as a drip in this disturbed moment- the keys to a charming, timeless domain. There is no need for a guided tour. Each of us will find our way to the protected area, where we are inhabited by the idea of a safe space. It would be very guilty of not stopping for a long time. Denis DESASSIS, Citizen Jazz – Patience is always rewarded

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