En Bas Quartet

En Bas Quartet was formed by me as a desire to be part of an improvising string quartet. I was interested in contemporary chamber music for a long time and wanted to explore that style in an improvised setting. I can also join a “low” quartet, which is the part that the cello takes in a quartet’s bass. This allows me to write music for a chamber group with all of the rhythmic subtleties and interaction they use. The parallel between a small string quartet and a jazz ensemble is very intriguing to me. Both groups can stretch time, allow music to breathe, pause and then find a way for them to play together as one unit. I chose three of the best string improvisers in the country to form the rest of the ensemble, and was lucky enough that they all agreed to take part in the project.” – Seth Bennett / Artist in Residence from www.lancasterjazz.com

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