Ensemble Denada / Oslo Jazz Ensemble

Oslo Jazz Ensemble, now Ensemble Denada, is a group of top Norwegian jazz soloists and ensemble musicians. In 2006, the ensemble’s debut album on German label ACT received overwhelming praises from the international jazz press. The 14-piece Ensemble Denada has been touring the globe, performing around 15 concerts per year. The band played the final two concerts of 2015 in Italy’s cities of Foggia, and Pisa. The band has been to Germany, Italy, and the UK. The band has also been to the US (Xerox international jazz festival), India, and the Middle East. Francesco Martinelli’s review of the concert at Pisa in Pisa, Italy for All About Jazz (link above) described Ensemble Denada as “positively energetic”, optimistic, funny and solar. Ensemble Denada also performed in London a few years back. A South African festival director invited the entire band to his festival. Maria Schneider, his favorite jazz composer, was already booked. The festival programme 2014 was conceived as a combination of music by Helge Sunde, Denada-bandleader, and Schneider’s music. He is a brave man! It was a daunting task to bring 40 musicians from Europe and America to an African festival. Maria Schneider was the one who performed, so Ensemble Denadas added selected South African musicians to its line-up. Schneider and the south-africans were able to enjoy Ensemble Denada as well as the music of Helge Sunder from the best seats in our auditorium the next evening. Both nights were a huge success. Due to the emotion of the music, there were many people who cried with their roommates. Ensemble Denada is currently recording new music and preparing for the 2016 season. This includes several new projects. A few showcases will take place at the APAP convention, New York City. It is important work and an opportunity to reach new audiences in the US and around the globe. Maria Schneider was asked to give us a quote for Ensemble Denada. She is still a major jazz composer in the world and lives in New York. She didn’t like quotes. Ensemble Denada was her exception, however. Maria Schneider. From www.atlenymo.com

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