Equally Stupid

Pauli Lyytinen is a saxophonist best known for his work with pop-jazz trio Elifantree. He also joined forces with Siggi Rognvaldsson, Laser and DEFEKT guitarists, and David Meier, a Swiss drummer, to create Equally Stupid. This trio is a powerful combination of the energy and compositional styles that were characteristic of early King Crimson as well as jazz improvisation. from http://www.eclipse-music.net Equally Stupid is an energetic Finnish/Icelandic/Swiss group. Their music is evocative, rhythmic and furious. It’s raw, yet melodic. They are all active musicians who have been touring internationally for many years with their own projects. Pauli Lyytinen – tenor sax Sigurdur Rognvaldsson – guitar David Meier – drums from http://www.equallystupid.net

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